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Fermented Compost Concentrate  and Compost Starter

Bokashi Brothers cultures and sells premium double fermented bran based bokashi compost and compost starter.  Our dried bokashi is packaged in a low oxygen transfer long lived resealable bag and it is the perfect starter for your indoor food waste fermentation bucket or your traditional outdoor compost pile or drum.  You can also add it directly to your soils just like traditional compost but in much smaller amounts.  The concentrated beneficial microbes that populated the bran during fermentation are ready to activate in your soil and the bran provides a food substrate so you create billions of tiny beneficial microbial factories.  It is like yogurt for dirt!  Plus we add trace minerals for extra bio effectiveness.
100% all natural and non-toxic with no harsh chemicals of any kind and all the benefits that probiotics provide.  Do some good and divert that food waste from the landfill to your garden while you build wonderful bio filled and productive soil.

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Bokashi Brothers is a classic “micro” business and just the two of us with a little occasional help, mix, ferment, dry, sort and bag every kilogram of Bokashi Brothers Bokashi.  We have hand-built all of the equipment we use to make our Bokashi and we personally see to every batch.  When you buy our product you are supporting the smallest of businesses and we thank you.

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